Within walls covered in endangered artifacts of our increasingly screen-filled, modernized world, we gather to explore the precariousness of contradiction - its edges, freedom, tension, and omnipresence. Join us for an evening of explorative dialogue facilitated by Rimma Boshernitsan, with Matt Dick, Laura Albert, Ryan Tacata and Tobi Adamolekun, at the Jones Institute, the newly founded residency program of Aïda Jones. Together we aim to create a platform to reflect on what it means to truly combine textures, both material and abstract, and investigate the meaning of ‘contradiction’ in our increasingly polarized world. 

August 8th, 6:30pm

The Jones Institute

963 Hayes Street 

San Francisco 

Facilitated by: 

Rimma Boshernitsan: founder & CEO of DIALOGUE, a mutli-disciplinary agency working to bring dialogue to the intersection of human connection and business—empowering her clients (Google, Lyft, Aesop, among others) to be more relevant, make better decisions, and create a unique vision for the future of our culture. 

In conversation with: 

Matt Dick: artist, designer, creative director

Laura Albert: author, writer, producer 

Tobi Adamolekun: architect, creative director

Ryan Tacata: performer, educator, researcher

Dialogue with Matt Dick CONTRADI*TION